Current role Yoga Teacher and Social Worker (Business Owner)
Time in current role 1 year
Previous role English Language Teacher
Time in previous role 6 years
Recommendation rating  5

Jemma Moody has worked across all corners of the world, supporting women and children as well as refugees. A strong believer in creating connections, she brings together social work and her love for yoga by founding Camino for Social Change. She currently teaches and trains individuals and groups, in both yoga practice and programs for workers in community development.

What do you do daily?

I develop training programs and guides and currently, my focus is on creating and delivering a program that explores building positive relationships with the body through yoga. A lot of my time is also spent searching for and contacting schools who may want to run my pilot yoga program for students. I also reach out to other like-minded organisations and businesses for support and collaboration opportunities, and manage my business’ social media accounts.

What are some of the skills you need for your role?

To work in teaching yoga specifically, an ongoing personal yoga practice is important and undertaking a yoga teacher training course is needed to be able to deliver classes safely.

To work with others and drive social change through training programs, an understanding and appreciation for social change and human rights are crucial. Additionally, an understanding of cross-cultural communication, and public speaking skills are really beneficial.

In my course of study, I learned to work with individuals, groups, and communities, and developed my theoretical base to apply to social work, including strengths-based practices and person-centered approaches.

What advice would you give to someone interested in your role?

If you’re interested in social work and driving change, then gain as much experience as you can – pursue opportunities to meet people in the field, and talk to them about the work they’re doing. Social work is all about building relationships, so make them and continue to nurture growth in this area.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to enter this area of work?

I highly recommend some form of study to ground you in the theory of social work and social justice. I read, learn, and research about my field to continuously develop my skills and knowledge base as it’s an ongoing learning process.

In terms of yoga, I suggest daily practice – go to classes and workshops to develop your love for it, before branching out into teaching, because that passion can make all the difference.

Source: Pexels

How likely are you to recommend this job to a friend? Scale of ‘1 = Not at all’ to ‘5 = Absolutely!’ .

Easily a 5. I love this work – it’s rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting!

What did you study i.e. your level of study, and major if applicable?

I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies, then a Masters of Social Work. I later studied a Level III Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory.

To teach yoga, I’ve completed 200 hours of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and I completed additional training in teaching yoga to kids.

What did you do that perhaps were the most successful initiatives to land your current role?

My current role is for my own business, Camino for Social Change. To get it up and running, I needed to believe in it and just got started! I’ve reached out to organisations and businesses to ask for support, and fortunately received many enthusiastic responses. I also sought collaboration opportunities with people in my network, and that support has helped me get the program off the ground.

Do you need professional registration for your current role?

To work as a social worker, I am registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). I am also registered with Yoga Alliance, which is a worldwide registry of teachers and schools.

Do you know any industry groups relevant to your role that you would recommend?

For either role (Social Worker and Yoga Teacher), those two are the major organisations I would seek out.

camino-social-changeMore information on Jemma’s education and development programs, as well as her yoga practice, can be found on the Camino for Social Change website. You can also follow her work on social media, via Facebook and Instagram.

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